Roles of Individual Board Members

Roles of Individual Board Members

It is expected that each Board Member will participate by assuming several of the following roles:

  1. Provide guidance, supervision, ideas, and accountability for the organization
  2. Take on the role of an officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary)
  3. Visit EPIC supported programs
  4. Take on the role of an officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary)
  5. Become an Animateur or Animatrice for an EPIC program or accompany EPIC Animateurs in their work. See: “Who is EPIC” for an explanation of Animateur
  6. Assist with social media by share your comments and news by linking to EPIC’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  7. Provide needed technical assistance to an EPIC program partner organization
  8. Attend Annual General Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings at the Member’s expense
  9. Donate personally
  10. Do fundraising

~ Speak to friends and acquaintances about EPIC’s great work, tell them how they can get involved.

~ Provide contacts for grant proposals or with possible major donors

~ Host a gathering where Paul and Mary can present a program about EPIC’s work

~ Encourage a church or organization where the Board Member is a member to donate to EPIC or

~ Adopt a program

~ Promote a fundraising project, i.e. sell items donated to EPIC on E-bay, sell EPIC Crafts or sponsor

~ Host an alternative Christmas sale of EPIC Crafts, promote commemorative giving, host a Soup-er Bowl, throw a party or other fundraising event, etc.

rev. 6/21/2015