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Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

It is expected that each Board Member will participate by assuming several of the following roles:

1. Provide guidance, supervision, ideas, and accountability for the organization
2. Donate financially
3. Visit an EPIC supported program
4. Participate in fundraising
Examples: speaking to friends about EPIC’s great work, providing contacts for grant proposals or possible major donors, hosting a gathering to tell about EPIC’s work, or encouraging a church, business or organization to donate to EPIC
5. Attend Annual General Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings

Board Members may also contribute by:

1. Assuming the role of an officer (President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary)
2. Becoming an Animateur for an EPIC program or accompanying an Animateur.
See: “Who is EPIC” for an explanation of Animateur
3. Provide needed technical assistance for an EPIC program partner

rev. 5/16/2022