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+ An innovative approach
+ Tangible results
+ Cooperation with other organizations
+ An interface between research and action
+ A focus on local capacity and leadership building
+ An ability to be duplicated and adapted for similar communities

Baja Verapaz - Sustainable Agriculture program begins work with farm families by focusing on increasing yields of the basic food crops, which in Guatemala are corn and beans. By implementing extremely effective new practices of water management, soil conservation and resilient sustainable agriculture, program participants usually double their corn and beans harvests in the first year.

Baja Verapaz - Health Education program fights persistent malnutrition by teaching poor indigenous families in rural Guatemala to produce abundant nutritious food. This is important because Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean.

La Buena Tierra was started in 1999 as a preschool for children of very poor families who were entering first grade with no preparation. Next, the mothers dreamed of a quality elementary school. The children had become excited about learning, but they became frustrated and lost interest in the poor, under-funded and overcrowded public elementary schools.

The Casa Para La Cultura Maya is a cultural center and educational resource: to preserve, esteem and promote all expression of Maya culture including Maya dress, music, dance, art, weaving, agriculture, cuisine, and community, spiritual, and family values; to reach out to the non-indigenous (ladino) population of Guatemala with special programs and events; to serve as a place where Mayas will have the opportunity to present their own interpretation of Maya culture to Guatemala’s international and national tourists.

Friends of Nepal Pariwar - Women’s Reproductive Health: The mission of Friends of Nepal Pariwar Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of women and their families in rural Nepal by supporting a network of registered nonprofit community organizations in Nepal and strengthening their capacity to sustain and expand health and development services

Casa Aq’ab’al is a family crisis center for women and children escaping domestic abuse. Its shelter opened in 2016 and provides the only such assistance for persons suffering from domestic abuse in the whole Department (state) of Sololá. Unfortunately, domestic abuse and violence against women is very common in Guatemala. At the shelter women find a safe place to stay and food. They also have access to counseling and legal advice. Children can stay with their mothers.