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EPIC is involved with more than 30 community development projects in:

5.7.16 – Spring Visit to Guatemala

Paul and I returned from 3 days of visiting the work of FUNDAMARCOS in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. We visited with farmers, participated in classes, and looked at trees planted as part of the program’s work in reforestation.

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3.4.16 – Honduran Indigenous Leader Berta Cáceres Assassinated

Honduran indigenous and environmental organizer Berta Cáceres has been assassinated in her home. She was one of the leading organizers for indigenous land rights in Honduras.

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11.8.15 – Introducing: El Mirador

EPIC has a new partner project working to promote sustainable organic agriculture in Guatemala. El Mirador is run jointly by Brigida and Manuel Huz and their son Moises.

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