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Fundación Sergio Méndez Arceo: Human Rights – MEXICO

Fundación Don Sergio Mendez Arceo, an EPIC partner in Mexico, annually holds two Human Rights Schools to prepare persons to engage in important work for human rights, non-violent social change, and the environment. Being active in protecting human rights or the environment is risky in Mexico, and these are remarkable, courageous persons!

The conclusion of one of the two School of Human Rights organized by Fundación Sergio Mendez Arceo of Mexico in 2023. These workshops train persons to be Human Rights Monitors. It was very successful with impressive presentations.

2022 Workshop graduates at the School of Human Rights

An important activity of the Human Rights School is to provide the participants with the pedagogical tools to be able to replicate the knowledge they are acquiring as Human Rights Monitors. This will enable them to incorporate into the team of workshop leaders of Fundación Don Sergio or to serve as facilitators in their own locations.

National Human Rights Award

This Mexican foundation annually presents the Human Rights Awards for the individual and the group most on the forefront of working for human rights in Mexico. By receiving this award, the person or organization is given publicity and support for the work in which they are engaged. In some cases where the individual is facing persecution for having stood up for human rights in the face of powerful forces, being honored with this prize also provides some protection because their work and the cause they are supporting becomes more well known and has received national recognition.

EPIC supports Fundación Don Sergio Méndez Arceo as an international sponsor in their important work for human rights, non-violent social change, and the environment. Having international support for this Human Rights Award increases the recognition of the award.

The presentation of the XXIV National Human Rights Award” given by the Don Sergio Méndez Arceo Foundation took place on April 23 in the Cathedral of Cuernavaca. The Group Award was given to the Committee of Families of the Detained and Disappeared “Until we Find Them” and an Individual Award to Jaime Domíngues Pérez who was one of the organizers of the Zapatistas. Find out more about the honorees on the Fundación Sergio Méndez Arceo website.

Award Given to Estela Angeles Mondragón, Lawyer for the Tarahumaras
In 2013 the individual award was given to Estela Angeles Mondragón, lawyer for the Tarahumaras of Northern Mexico. In 1926 the Tarahumaras were given legal right to their ancestral land by the Mexican government. However, cattle ranchers from other areas have continually invaded. Estela’s husband successfully represented the Tarahumaras in court and as a result was assassinated. Estela has continued to fight for the Tarahumaras. Her office was burned down, and she has suffered death threats and many aggressive actions. The objective of the award is to support the rights of the Tarahumaras and to hopefully provide some protection to Estela though publicity about her situation.