Creciendo Juntos – COLOMBIA

Creciendo Juntos – COLOMBIA

In a violent and poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Bogota, the local Berna Mennonite Church is working with the children and young people who were displaced by Colombia’s civil war. The project Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together) has two areas of emphasis:

Personal Development Area
Creciendo Juntos has provided workshops on the prevention of sexual abuse and violence, Christian values, and sex education. There have also been programs of music, sports, and a learning tour on bicycles. Creciendo Juntos also offers after school classes (Spanish, English, Math, Reading, and Computers), a library service, and an annual Vacation Biblical School for children.

Communitarian Development Area
Creciendo Juntos works to “Transform Conflict by Non-Violence”. It also has had activities such as celebrating Children’s Day, making home visits, and performing some occasional services for unemployed people, such as cutting hair.

Almost 150 children and young people are participating in the various programs. The pastoral leaders are also available to offer counseling and conflict resolution for this poor and violent neighborhood.

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