Friends of Nepal Pariwar: Women’s Reproductive Health – NEPAL

Friends of Nepal Pariwar: Women’s Reproductive Health – NEPAL

This small nonprofit supports 9 nurse midwives and 4 rural medical clinics in Nepal. The clinics were devastated in the earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May, 2015. Friends of Nepal Pariwar is helping to rebuild the clinics to allow the nurse midwives and their patients to move out of makeshift quarters and into proper facilities.

Even throughout Nepal’s snowy winter, reconstruction proceeded on 3 of 4 health clinics damaged in last year’s earthquakes. Basic services are continuing during the reconstruction. The clinic services are in greater need now given that families are living in makeshift housing, and in some communities there is also a shortage of safe drinking water. The nurse midwives provide these much needed services in the temporary quarters they have been using since last April when the earthquakes destroyed the village health clinics.

The 4 clinics provided 24,508 health services between July 2014 and June 30, 2015. This included:

  • 12,628 general health visits
  • 4,402 reproductive health visits
  • 743 referrals 2,850 patients served at mobile outreach clinics
  • 2,688 patients treated with acupuncture by a visiting physician

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