APRODEHNI: La Segovia Food Production – EL SALVADOR

APRODEHNI: La Segovia Food Production – EL SALVADOR

Responding to COVID-19
On March 28, 2020, APRODEHNI staff accompanying local public health workers began distribution of soap, alcohol gel, masks and information on the prevention of COVID-19. These materials were distributed to 160 families in 3 communities of San Pedro Masahaut y San Luis La Herradura. EPIC provided the funds to buy these needed safety materials which are unavailable in these very poor communities.

Making Organic Fertilizer
Converting from fertilizing with chemical fertilizers to using organic fertilizers is frequently a process, not an overnight conversion. The farmers in La Segovia Farmer’s Association had believed that they could only have successful production by using expensive chemical fertilizers. They have now found that by making their own organic fertilizers they can save money and get good harvests. Another important benefit is that they are increasing the organic matter in the soil. of their fields. In this dry area of El Salvador, the organic material helps the soil retain more moisture from rainfall which is becoming more erratic.

In 2011 EPIC sponsored a visit to Honduras by Salvadoran farmers to see the work of COSECHA, another EPIC partner organization. This began a very valuable farmers-to-farmer teaching experience between people living in similar dry areas and dealing with similar problems. Without irrigation these Salvadoran farmers are unable to grow crops during the long dry season. In Honduras one farmer had invented a very inexpensive hand pump for irrigation. Hearing great stories from those who visited Honduras, APRODENI requested funds from EPIC to bring 2 men from Honduras to give a course on making hand pumps. These pumps are now installed and in use to irrigate vegetable production for home consumption and income. Farmer To Farmer exchanges are a great way to spread life-transforming sustainable agriculture practices among farmers facing similar challenges. See more about their work by watching the video, The Farmer to Farmer Method.

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