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10.22.22 – EPIC’s 2022 Annual General Meeting

Pictured above: First EPIC Meeting in 1981

Meeting Agenda
October 22, 2022

Introductions & Prayer
Welcome – Dana DeLoca and Tony Brun

Introduction of Program Partners – Tony Brun

Prayer – Cathy Egan

EPIC History & Program Updates

EPIC’s Response to the Urgency of Adapting to Climate Change – Paul McKay
VIDEO: The Tempesque Rice Project – Arroz Tempesque

Announcement of EPIC’s 45th Birthday – Dana DeLoca

Reflections on EPIC’s Early History – Loren Raymond

EPIC is a Bridge – Mary McKay

2021 – 2022 Financial Report – Mary McKay

Business Meeting
Introduction of 2021 – 2022 EPIC Board Members and Officers – Cathy Egan

Recognition of Karis Engel and Christie McKay – Cathy Egan

Announcement of mail-in votes for Board Members – Dana DeLoca

Introduction and welcome of new EPIC Board Members – Dana DeLoca

Announcement of a search for an additional new staff position – Dana DeLoca

Program Updates
Baja Verapaz Program in Guatemala – Armando Tomás

VIDEO: Hand Washing Project – Proyecto Lavamanos
VIDEO: Planting Trees in Baja Vera Paz – Arbolitos

Opportunities to Invest in the Future You Want to See – Paul McKay

Closing – Dana DeLoca