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EPIC’s 43rd Annual General Meeting – August 1st, 2020

We want to thank everyone who attended our annual meeting this Saturday, August 1st. Although we were unable to gather in person, there was a new opportunity to include our Central American program partners in the celebration. We could look back on the accomplishments in the last year and plan for the future together – an exciting first!

We enjoyed hearing project updates from many of our projects including videos from out in the field. Tony Brun shared a moving video by Santos Servellio in Honduras about agroforestry and water conservation. We were proud to introduce a video series titled, Hope at Home, produced by Brett Sherman (Below). He created a wonderful collection that tells many stories of the challenges and home-grown solutions in Guatemalan communities. A fantastic contribution to our organization and we appreciate his commitment and talents. Enjoy all seven videos below and learn more about our Hope at Home campaign below.

This year, we continue in our long-term development goals but have shifted our focus to support emergency efforts during COVID-19. We are urgently working on communities health education with hand-washing and mask-wearing, but most importantly, feeding hungry families now. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to follow this progress and see how you can get involved.

Program included:
9:00 – 10:00 Highlights of present activities:

  • Inspiring videos showing how EPIC is providing hope at home in Guatemala
  • Reforestation work and farmers learning to cope with new new environmental changes
  • EPIC’s response to hunger for those with no income due to Covid-19’s economic impact

10:00 – 10:45 Questions and dialogue:

  • We met our partners from Central America and learn more about their work and plans for the future

Please enjoy some video highlights. Thanks to Brett Sherman for his wonderful work!

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