Gabino Lopez: A Great Scholar, Teacher & Friend

Gabino Lopez: A Great Scholar, Teacher & Friend

EPIC has experienced a massive loss in the passing of Gabino Lopez at the end of September. We are crushed by this end to his long struggle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Gabino Lopez, a Guatemalan citizen, made his own the problems of resource poor Honduran farmers who he served the last 36 years of his life. His books: AgroEcología Práctica; Experiencias Familiares Campesinas en Agricultura y Desarrollo Sostenible; Manejo de Agua Para Salvar Los Cultivos en Períodos de Sequías; Cosecha y Aprovechamiento de Agua Y Humedad en Zonas de Trópico Seco, and those whom he trained will be a lasting legacy.

Gabino worked with COSECHA helping Honduran families implement sustainable agriculture and water conservation techniques. His scholarship of the effectiveness of these techniques in mediating the effects of climate change are incredibly valuable to EPIC’s mission. The impact of his work extends beyond Central America and will continue to drive the teachers he inspired and the families that he helped.

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