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8.10.23 – La Buena Tierra Graduations

It is graduation at the La Buena Tierra Primary and Elementary School in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The graduates of sixth grade are going on to middle school with scholarships that the director Lizy Marroquin helped acquire.  Many of the neighborhood’s most needy kids receive half-tuition scholarships. These enable them to have an excellent education at a school they enjoy attending. When paying half-tuition is impossible, parents can do work at the school to pay their half.

La Buena Tierra in Cuernavaca, Mexico, also had a graduation for its Kindergarten and 2 preschool classes. It was held on the playground with lots of parents and siblings in attendance. It was great fun for all.

La Buena Tierra Preschool and Primary School
La Buena Tierra was started in 1999 as a preschool for children of very poor families who were entering first grade with little preparation. The children were excited about learning, but they became frustrated and lost interest in the poor, under-funded and overcrowded public elementary schools. In 2009 a small property, below street level and completely full of trash, became available directly across the street from the preschool. EPIC was able to help La Buena Tierra buy it. By September there was a functioning elementary school with first and second grade. Each summer since 2009 another classroom was built and an additional grade was added. The hope was to build a classroom each year until the primary school could offer first through sixth grades. In 2016 they graduated their third class of students from sixth grade, fulfilling their long time dream.