COVID-19: May Updates

COVID-19: May Updates

Dear EPIC Supporters,
EPIC’s program partners have always helped people grow more food, not given out food. Now they are doing both. Especially in urban areas. the very poor often live from day to day on what they earn that day. If they can’t earn, they don’t eat.

La Buena Tierra Preschool and Primary School – Mexico
For 6 weeks La Buena Tierra has been distributing food provisions each Wednesday to 35 families of students whose parents have been left without work. Each family’s emergency food costs about $16.28. There is great effort to emphasize the healthy eating the school has taught, and they always include fruit, vegetables and eggs. EPIC is donating and La Buena Tierra is soliciting funds and in-kind donations locally.

Huatecalco Preschool and Kindergarten – Mexico
This is a new preschool started this year by La Buena Tierra. The teachers have been distributing food to the very poorest 15 families for 6 weeks. These are students whose parents are field workers, mostly in sugarcane. To reinforce what they are teaching, the food given includes vegetables and fruit and is bought locally.

Creciendo Juntos – Colombia
In Soacha, a very poor neighborhood outside of Bogota where people fleeing Colombia’s civil war settled, Creciendo Juntos has distributed food to 125 families. Each sack contains $10 worth of food to minimally feed a family of 5-6 members for one week. The first distribution was done on May 4, and another is being organized.

Casa Aq’ab’al Family Crisis Center – Guatemala
This shelter for women and children escaping domestic abuse has expanded its work to provide emergency food aid for women in abusive situations and elderly persons without food or any economic support.

ADISA – Guatemala
On April 22, ADISA began distributing food to 80 prioritized families that can no longer afford food. All these families have members with severe handicaps. EPIC is receiving designated donations. $30 provides an emergency food bundle for a family for a month.

Mobile School for Soil and Water Conservation – Guatemala
On April 28, the Mobile School provided a pickup and driver, Armando Tomás, to distribute packages of donated food to 50 families with no food in Patzun, Chimaltenango.