Thanks For All The Donations – JAN 2015

Thanks For All The Donations – JAN 2015

lareanoWithStudentsOur 2014 holiday donation drive was a fabulous success!  All your generous gifts will make a tremendous impact on EPIC’s work and what we can do for our project partners. We had 94 recipients in total and here are some of the most popular gifts:

Sponsoring an Honduran youth for 4 day course on sustainable agriculture
+ 47 youth were funded

Red wigglers for producing organic fertilizer
+ 56,000 worms found new homes

La Buena Tierra Elementary and Preschool tuition or playground equipment
+ 5 children received scholarships for a year as well as soccer goals and climbing equipment

Trees for reforestation and fruit
+ 1,331 trees will be planted on the hillsides

Creciendo Juntos
+ Toys and supplemental salary for teacher in their day care center/preschool

Salary to suport talented health and agriculture trainers in Guatemala and Honduras
+ 10 months of salary were donated

Chicken Vaccinations
+ 97 small family flocks vacinated