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Between March 8 and July 20, we want to honor special women who have made the world a better place through their leadership, vision, inspiration, or courage. As part of the EPIC’s 2019 gathering, Celebrating Inspiring Women, we will construct a photo mural of all of the women you have honored, and our program updates will focus on women providing inspiration and leadership for EPIC’s program partners.

Here’s how you can participate:


Submit by mail or e-mail the name of a special women in your life or of a woman who has inspired you. Send several! Include a short description of how each woman you honor has helped make the world a better place (a poem, story, string of adjectives, tribute, or other form) and a photo if you’d like. If you include an e-mail and/or mailing address, we will let her know she is honored for her leadership, vision and inspiration; even better, bring her to the July 20th celebration!  Submit names and/or photos…


Consider donating amount you make in one hour of work for each woman you honor,  an 8– or 10‐hour work day or honor 10 women for the amount you earn in a day. No minimum (or maximum!). Individual donation amounts will not be published. Make a donation…


On July 20th, we will be having our annual general meeting in Colorado. We will construct a mural of names and photos on our website and present it at our gathering. Send your photos or bring them with you. This is a 135-day campaign from March 8 to July 20. Annual meeting details…


Forward this email to a friend, family or colleague. Spread the word on Facebook, Instagram and more. We have materials available to be downloaded (PDF) and posted as well. Thanks again for all your support for EPIC projects!

* Please be sure to indicate whether you know each woman you honor, whether you are honoring someone who has passed away (birth and death years), and if you would prefer that the names or photos not appear on our web page.