La Semilla del Progreso: 2018 Summer Visit

La Semilla del Progreso: 2018 Summer Visit

Honduras, May 20th-27th, 2018
Field dispatches from Tony Brun and Barry Bartel

La Semilla del Progresso

Tony and Barry visited four rural villages, talking with farmer communities who were eager to share their efforts in sustainable agriculture. They visited many familial and community plots using the following practices:

  • Conserving soil and water
  • Using natural pest control methods
  • Preparing and using organic compost
  • Collecting and managing water
  • Planting for natural biodiversity
  • Saving, using and sharing native seeds
  • Exploring successes and challenges in fair marketing

Studying and practicing in the Training Center at La Semilla del Progreso

EPIC and Semilla del Progreso working together and following same principles and values:
Culturally sensitive
Socially equitable
Economically viable
Ambiently sustainable

EPIC y Semilla del Progreso trabajando juntos y siguiendo los mismos principios y valores:
Culturalmente sensible
Socialmente justo
Economicamente viable
Ambientalmente sostenible