Spring in Guatemala

Spring in Guatemala

EPIC directors, Paul and Mary McKay just returned from a quick visit to Guatemala. Here are few of the highlights from their power-packed trip.

Earth Day
We participated in a three-hour Maya Ceremony simultaneously celebrating: Earth Day – an international environmental day, Día de la Cruz – Roman Catholic Christian, Día del Albañil – Secular, honoring construction workers. This Maya Ceremony gave special honor to and prayers for corn and water. The Maya priest held a talking stick when he spoke. Young and old participants all received blessings.

FUNDAMARCOS in Baja Verapaz
Last night Paul and I returned from 3 days of visiting the work of FUNDAMARCOS in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala. We visited with farmers, participated in classes, and looked at trees planted as part of the program’s work in reforestation. Before leaving we celebrated with the whole staff, eating delicious tamales.

Juana, is a FUNDAMARCOS “agro-salud” promotora. She is delighted to be growing heirloom, non-hybrid, vegetables with her village women’s groups. This is their first planting with seeds donated by Seattle Seed Company. These women farmers are excited with the possibility of harvesting their organic brussel sprouts over a long growing season.

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