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Trees and Hope for Life – HONDURAS

This project will provide education for 15 leaders from 4 communities on environmental protection, climate change, and tree planting, based on the biblical perspective of the care and management of creation. These leaders will then work with their communities to promote environmental awareness and encourage the planting of trees. The goal is to plant 20,000 trees in the Lake Yojoa area of Honduras.

The project hopes to reduce the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes which erode the farmland and the surrounding hills. Currents of water from torrential rains now regularly destroy crops, homes and forests. Then lower down in the Sula Valley, there is flooding. Since food security is always a problem in this region of much poverty, fruit trees will also be planted, for instance mangos and bananas which grow very well. 

The municipio of Santa Cruz de Yojoa is located to the south of the Sula Valley. It is in the Department of Cortes, Honduras. This is the area around Honduras’s largest lake, Lake Yojoa. EPIC and Mennonite Men – Join Trees and are working with the communities of the area in this tree planting project.