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COSECHA teaches sustainable agriculture practices and water management for agriculture and the household. It works to improve the lives of families living in the difficult dry tropics. During the last 25 years COSECHA has trained about 3,000 men and women facilitators for work in one of the driest and hottest farming areas of Central America.

The roads are rough out in our project areas. Changing tires is a common site along the roadside. At $150 each, a flat tire can really set back programs such as FUNDAMARCOS in Guatemala. Consider contributing amount to their vehicle replacement fund which now stands at little over $5,000. Help our program coordinators to get […]

Red wigglers are a great idea for composting material. The castings and tea can be used or sold to other farmers. Raising the tiniest livestock, is rewarding and fun! Makes a great donation for FUNDAMARCOS, La Semilla Del Progreso or COSECHA. Red Wigglers – $12[wp_cart_button name=”Red Wigglers” price=”$12″]