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Consider helping with EPIC’s greatest resource: the men and women who teach and train in the communities. Support talented trainers by covering their monthly salary at $200 dollars a month. This $200 pays the trainers 3 days /week, allowing time for their own farming and families. Juana Velasquez (FUNDAMARCOS in Guatemala) teaches the women in […]

Vaccinations, at only 7 cents a bird, are a small price to pay to protect this valuable resource. Vaccinating poultry reduces their mortality and the families have more eggs, plus meat for special occasions. Last year FUNDAMARCOS vaccinated 5,147 chickens from backyard family flocks. Each family has about 12 to 20 chickens, all getting Newcastle/3¢ […]

Creciendo Juntos works in a very poor area on the outskirts of Bogota where all types of violence confront families – political, domestic, drug and gang related. Conflict resolutions workshops provide an opportunity to withdraw to a safe place to exchange ideas and receive teachings on conflict transformation. This year Creciendo Juntos started a child […]

  Some of our projects are still using outdated technology to teach courses and make presentations.The Maya Cultural Center and La Mujers en Acción have made the following requests:   Maya Cultural Center – 92 inch Projection Screen: $140[wp_cart_button name=”Maya Cultural Center – 92 inch Projection Screen” price=”$140″]

  Give youth hope for a life in Honduras, not in a detention camp at the US border! Sponsor one youth for a course on sustainable agriculture. Only $50 dollars pays for the classes, 4 overnights at the La Semilla Training Center and 11 meals.     $50 for a La Semilla youth agriculture course[wp_cart_button […]

Trees can provide so much to a rural farming community: shade for coffee and habitats for animals and structural support for soil and water retention. Trees also provide firewood and additional fruit for the dinner table. Help a community get started planting and building nurseries. Help them with the cost of collecting seeds, planting them […]

Help the cultural center in San Mateo, Guatemala preserve and present their history. They would like to print and mount historical photos of daily life in the 1960s. This will be a permanent exhibit on display in the town hall for all to see. [wp_cart_button name=”San Mateo Photo Prints” price=”$10″]

Kitchen gardens are a great way to diversify what is available for dinner. Radishes, carrots, lettuce and herbs are easy to grow near the house. Get a family started with any number of packets. $4 for a packet of seeds[wp_cart_button name=”Seed Packet” price=”$10″]

Invest in a young person! Help a La Buena Tierra Preschool and Primary School student in Mexico. Monthly tuition is $25[wp_cart_button name=”La Buena Tierra Student’s Monthly Monthly Tuition” price=”$25″] Yearly tuition is $300[wp_cart_button name=”La Buena Tierra Student’s Yearly Tuition” price=”$300″]

The roads are rough out in our project areas. Changing tires is a common site along the roadside. At $150 each, a flat tire can really set back programs such as FUNDAMARCOS in Guatemala. Consider contributing amount to their vehicle replacement fund which now stands at little over $5,000. Help our program coordinators to get […]