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Relief for Survivors of the Eruption of Volcano Fuego

To be able to respond with immediate relief, EPIC worked with 2 local programs we have partnered with for many years. Volunteers working with the FUNDAMARCOS Maya Foundation made 9 trips to provide aid.
The first night it was for search and rescue in San Miguel Los Lotes. Two days later, a trip was made in the hope of identifying the bodies of family members. Then driving the FUNDAMARCOS 4-wheel drive pickup, packed full, the volunteers made several trips delivering drinking water and food to survivors in small isolated villages outside Esquintla. The last trip was to help 2 families of Communidad Don Pancho move their belongings and dog to resettle in San Martin Jilotepeque, which is far from the volcano.

EPIC also worked through Mujeres en Acción providing for the immediate needs of survivors around Alotenango, an area where they had been working in reforestation and with groups of youth. Since food was being provided here by others, Mujeres en Acción used EPIC’s money to buy and distribute much needed hygiene supplies (laundry and hand soap, towels, underwear, tooth brushes, firstaid cream, etc.) and disinfectants. Now the Guatemalan government says it will provide reconstruction aid only to those people who are in government shelters. Many families h aid ave left these shelters or refused to go to them because there is no privacy and visitors are only allowed one hour/day. Families outside of the shelters are getting very little help and none from the government.