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Using an “A frame” farmers in Honduras are learning to lay out level curves to be able to do contour planting on their hillside farms. The “A frame” was used by the Romans to construct their famous aqueducts and roads. A model of a Roman “A frame” as displayed in a museum in Morocco is shown by Chon Tacatic.

Using Izote as a filter barrier to retain the soil and thus prevent erosion was the idea of a participant with La Semilla in La Sorto, Honduras.He uses this plant to hold the soil on a hillside coffee farm. The Izote plant produces a beautiful flower which is delicious and is the prime ingredient in several […]

Highlights from the 2008 EPIC Annual Report include: Integrating Crops And Livestock For Mutually Beneficial Operations, Polyculture, Soil Conservation, Maintaining Biodiversity, Promoting Traditional Food Crops, Water Stewardship and much more about sustainable agriculture methods. View Full PDF…